Friday, October 26, 2012

What did you want to be when you grew up?

Simple enough question, right?  Well, think about it for a second.
I’ll give you my run-down of occupations (those that I can remember – maybe I should have consulted my mom first):
-          A vet.  I list this first because it was what I wanted to be forever.  Even after I had abandoned the dream my junior of high school, Freshman year of college, there I was looking at K-State and Mizzou’s vet schools.  I have since looked into vet tech programs too.  If there was a Nurse Practioner position in the Vet world that would so be me – no surgeries, but I would probably have an emphasis in hospice.  Although I can’t hardly talk about my first dog without crying, so maybe I wouldn’t be good at it after all?
-          A pony express rider.  Yes, I am fully aware that when I had this dream that the pony express had been gone for 100 years, but I watched the “Young Riders” religiously as a kid.  I have always had a soft spot for western tv drama with lots of horses.  I also went to Girl Scout horse camp for many summers as a kid and loved every minute of it.
-          A circus performer – this happened after a Girl Scout field trip to see the Moscow Circus in the old Kiel.  It was a beautiful, yet sad building at that time.  The USSR still existed too.  Again, I think it was the horses and the travel.  Obviously I didn’t go far in this dream either.
-          A Nun – I guess you could also say a missionary (once I found out that people other than nuns did good work in 3rd world countries).  Helping people especially kids and travelling sounded like a plan to me.
-          Junior Yr of high school, I started working at my high school’s tv station and loved it.  I liked being in front of the camera, behind it and directing.  I decided to get my bachelor’s in it.
-          Senior year of college – I told my mom that I thought that I wanted to be a social worker.  With a semester left in my bachelor’s, my mom said just finish your degree and come home.
-          I had a short time as an assistant manager at the Mall.  Yes, it’s mindless work, but mall managers make a good living, but I felt that I wanted more than mindless work everyday.
-          I applied to a Masters in Video thinking I might want to try that again, but I didn’t make the cut, so …..
-          I went back to volunteering with children.  One day I thought how can I get paid for this? (without being a nurse or a teacher).  I applied for, got in and obtained my MSW.
-          I love working with kids, but have been in the geriatric field for the past 7 years.  (that’s a whole post in itself)
-          Present Day – I’m a social worker that works in cancer research.  Not my dream, but I’m working on it, so stay tuned. 
Finally, I realized through life experiences that I know what I want to be when I grow up:
I want to be a person who has passion for what they do, someone who makes a difference in the lives of others and most importantly, I want to marry my best friend and be an amazing, supportive wife.
Now you might be asking what about being a mom?  Honestly, I have been around kids my whole life (especially being a foster sister to newborns for 20+ yrs) and I have fabulous biological nieces and “pseudo” nephews and nieces of close friends.  Also, I have worked with kids too, so I get kids through that angle too.  I would not feel that I am missing out if I don’t become a mom.  I think that if you choose your mate wisely, that he or she is enough to have a great life together.  Having children, adopted or biological, I feel is a great added bonus.  But hands-down, I would chose a fabulous marriage and husband (if I could only have one choice). 
I’m hoping that my nieces will love me enough to put me in a good nursing home if I don’t have kids. lol.

They say if you say it, put it out in the universe,  that it has a way of making things happen, so here goes:
I can’t wait to find my guy and be an awesome wife . . . Yep, I’m that girl.

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