Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hey Baz told you. . . .Keep your old love letters.

Love letters, love emails, love texts whatever you want to call them.  Keep them.  Well, that's what I think.
Final clip from Immortal Beloved - a fantastic movie about Beethoven and the women in his life. 
(I analyzed this movie for my capstone video class in college.  Also, I think it's hilarious that this quote is mainly famous due to women seeing it in Sex and the City - lame.)

Several years ago, I heard about a book that they were writing about love letters from WWII. I asked my grandma if she kept any of the letters my grandpa sent her.  "No, why would I keep those?"  But she did keep all the envelopes b/c my grandpa saved the stamps, go figure.

I think that my 1st love letter (that I still have) was from my 2nd grade crush.  He just replied on my love letter, but it still counts.  Then in 7th/8th grade I had a male best friend and he gave me this awesome poem.  Came to find out years later he copied it, but it didn't matter b/c it was an awesome poem.

Junior year of high school, I had a male best friend who wrote 2 pages worth of love note in my yearbook.  He was a senior and he had graduated.  The weird thing was that we exchanged yearbooks at the same time, but nearly wrote identical things to each other.

College - oh lord did I date some clingy people.  I say keep this too b/c when reading them you think to yourself - out loud -  "OMG was I on crack?!?!?" I guess at 20 to have a guy wanting to marrying you and have babies sounded like a good idea.  Then you read card after card about cuddling and waking up next to each other and it's nauseating.  I promise you, I really am a hopeless romantic.

I feel like after college you graduate to the "I'll try to" love letters.  I will try to be this for you, sorry I was an asshole/jerk/idiot or you told me to write you one.  These letters give you just enough glimmer of hope that yes, he/she is sorry for being an ass, he/she does want to be a better person for you. . . .guess what - he/she is probably not the person for you after you read these letters.

But maybe, just maybe, you are lucky enough to get one of those unsolicited, out of the blue, sincere love letters.  You know the kind that movies are based off of, but this is real life and it's so much sweeter.

"Each quality you possess, is exactly what I want in a person. I can see myself growing old with you. My heart belongs to you."

The above quote was meant for me . . . . Yep, I'm that girl.