Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Post 1 : Me . . .that girl

I'll start by saying that I am not a very good blogger.  I get in a mode where I do it everyday or not at all.  I have another blog on another format that I will keep for my bitchy moments and when I need to rant.  I will try to keep this one light-hearted.  I hope to keep you informed of my daily life and the key players in my life, mainly my dogs - Zoey, my crazy catahoula and my baby Finn.  (Yes, I am that person.) So that being said, don't judge me because well. . .yep, most of the times in my life, I am that girl. 

Think about it - you know the times in your life where it hits - sometimes in a question form - I'm that girl?  or in horror I'm that girl?!?!? or when you just fess up - yep, I'm that girl.  I'm a big question or fess up form girl.

Here are some that you might like:
I recently, with the help of my sister, decided I needed to organize my clutter - I printed out articles to read on the subject - I'm that girl.      
When friends with kids talk about their kids and daycare drama, I can only relate with stories about Finn's friends and their owners at the dog park (b/c they REALLY are similiar) - I'm that girl.
When seeing my counselor, I check to make sure that she is ok with my TMI - remember I am paying her to listen - I'm that girl.
I still have eternal hope, unswayed by reality, that romantic comedys' happy endings could actually happen to me - I am that girl.

I am a dreamer because I am that girl :)   

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